We’ve had Wii price cut Xbox and PS3 next?

Following last week’s global Wii price cut, some retailers are now hopeful that Microsoft and Sony will consider cutting the price of their consoles, too.

On May 20th the new Mario Kart Wii pack will arrive in with an estimated retail price of 129 – a big drop on the previous price of 179.

At the same time Nintendo will also reduce the trade cost of its Wii Sports Resort pack, a move which will also result prices of around 129.

It is the first price cut for the Wii since it was launched in the UK just over four years ago.

Currently the PS3 carries an RRP starting at 250. The cheapest Xbox 360 is 149, rising to 270 with Kinect.

Microsoft last cut the price at E3 2010, Sony at Gamescom 2009.

Morrisons’ Nick Sultanti said to MCV: The Wii price drop is long overdue. Hopefully we will see a response from the other platform holders in the near future.”

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