What are you looking forward to in 2008?

Chris Lewis, Regional VP, EMEA Home and Entertainment, Microsoft:

I’m looking forward to 2008 in lots of ways, but certainly as the year where gaming comes into its own – no longer a fad or annual staple of "hottest Christmas gift" features, but a valid entertainment choice that holds its own against movies, music, TV, the Internet…

We took some big steps in 2007 with Mass Effect, Halo 3 and other great games that were compelling – and more profitable – than "traditional" entertainment. We’ll continue that trend with the likes of Alan Wake, Fable 2, and some other surprises we have up our sleeves.

With our strong installed base, plus great gaming and entertainment experiences that will appeal to a wide spectrum of people, I think we have another strong year ahead, and overall the industry will keep pushing out the boundaries which all benefits the consumer in the end.

Oh yes, and I look forward to a year where wild rumours and speculation are not reported as fact, and I stop losing my hair! But I guess these are both somewhat out of my control?”

Emma Nagashima, Special Projects Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe:

Lots and lots to look forward to this year, just gutted I’m not going to be around for seven months. After 11 years looking after PlayStation as my baby, I’m off to have my own (working title BabyNag). The longest I’ve been away is three weeks so I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to stay away!

What I’m going to miss: Wireless mic’s for SingStar although now I have no excuse to get back in shape; Home; Little Big Planet – I want to make a level; a new Gran Turismo; Hopefully a good summer for my maternity leave; Looking forward to seeing a OLED screen as I haven’t seen one as yet; Interested to see what Terminal 5 looks like once finished and Westfields and watching the industry grow.

I’ll know more when we finish our planning for this year which will be in next couple of weeks.”

Rosemary Buahin, UK Trade Marketing Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe:

This year I’m looking forward to: Dedicated sampling areas at retail; PS3 TV Tuner; PSP Go! Range; Home; E3/one dedicated trade industry event; Dark Knight & Iron Man movies; Michael Schofield removing shirt in Prison Break and Baby Nagashima!”

Andrew Brown, General Manager, UK and Ireland, Activision:

I’m looking forward to expanding our portfolio and reach through the new Activision Blizzard; The Dr. Tanya Byron report on gaming; the continued explosion into casual gaming; A year where we don’t have to forecast for a new console platform; Finishing Guitar Hero 3 on expert and finding space for all our awards.”

Rob Lowe, senior product manager, Nintendo UK:

Things I’m looking forward to:

1) For the huge and unprecedented growth of the UK games industry as a whole to continue whole-heartedly into the new year

2) For Wii Fit to help make everyone look beautiful in their bikinis and speedos this summer

3) For QPR (the richest club in the world – fact) to sign the whole Chelsea squad and make them play as our reserve team for the rest of the season.”

Dave Gould, Sales Director, Vivendi UK:

I’m looking forward to West Ham winning the premiership and more fancy dress at the retailer conferences!”

Jonnie Bryant, PR Manager, Vivendi UK:

I’m looking forward to an even bigger and better Leipzig this year and not spending another swealtering evening at the shed/airport but opting to stay in the bar instead.”

Gary Chantler, Product Marketing Executive, Vivendi UK:

I’m looking forward to finally fulfilling a lifelong dream of taking out Mr Stay Puft as one of the Ghostbusters.”

Jon Murphy, Marketing Manager & Pro Evolution Soccer team leader, Konami UK:

Knocked Up and Superbad were highlights of 2007, so I’m looking forward to the next Seth Rogen/Judd Apatow project; Pineapple Express. I’m also excited about Where The Wild Things Are, but they better not ruin it. I’d be left with deep emotional scars.

Being old and past it I believe all modern music is cack. I will however be checking out Hercules & Love Affair since they’ve been compared to Giorgio Moroder. If that turns out to be modern and cack I’ll go find some rare Giorgio Moroder.

Games? Metal Gear, GTA, Fallout and Patapon. Go and look at it


. Brilliant.”

Leo Tan, UK PR Manager, Capcom:

I’m looking forward to Street Fighter IV. It might not even come out this year, but that won’t stop me playing it EVERY DAY in the office. Now is the time for the fighting game scene in UK to reignite! If any game can do it, Street Fighter can. And you can bet your sweet ass there’ll be an industry tournament. That I can’t enter.

Trips to Japan! Now that I’m with Capcom I’ll be flying over there every week, pretty much. Which will be a real drag, having to go to the arcades and meet Japanese girls and eat Japanese food. So that’ll probably a lowlight of the year. Oh well, it’s a living, right?

Being genuinely in control of a PR campaign. Being able to contribute in every aspect of it, from formation to execution, and being in a senior-enough role to have the say I’ve always wanted in the promotion of a game I care about.”

Mikey Foley, PR and marketing manager, KOEI:

Off the top of my head I’d say the Play.com event at Wembley as it’ll mean a trip to the famous stadium without the disappointment of another shoddy England display. And any summer release that can take my mind off England’s non appearance at the Euro’s is well worth looking forward to.

Killzone 2 is definitely one I’m interested in seeing as the first one had so much potential and this one could really show what the PS3 can do.

I love anything original so Patapon is one I’m looking forward to as is Echochrome. And I’ve always been a big fan of the TOCA games so Race Driver GRID is one I’m looking forward to as well.”

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