Who is publishing the Star Trek game?

It was one of the few E3 surprises, but Paramount is silent over its plans to release Star Trek in the UK.

MCV understands that the publisher is considering moving away from EA, who handled the UK release of its Rango movie tie-in earlier this year.

Star Trek was one of the most talked about new games at E3 last week. The third-person action game is set within the same universe as the recent JJ Abrams movie and takes place between the first film and the upcoming sequel.

Paramount also used the show to announce a special PS3-exclusive digital download and a Phaser accessory that attaches to the PlayStation Move.

This game is absolutely the biggest thing we have ever done,” said Paramount Digital’s SVP of video games John Kavanagh.

Paramount brought me on board to make games, so it wouldn’t just be movie guys making games – it’d be games guys. That’s the background of the strategy.

"Fundamentally Star Trek is a game, not a movie-based title. We didn’t want to be reliant on the film franchise, and we wanted it to be a great game on its own. That was our intent from the get go. The game takes place completely independently from the movie, it’s more like Batman: Arkham Asylum.

My boss is a guy called Tom Lesinski. And he always had a vision to be a multi-layered company that’s not just about licensing, where we have our own games, too. And that’s the vision we are trying to follow.

Most movie-based games are crap. Where Paramount is different is they hired someone from games to run the division. We don’t have the same line-up as the other movie companies, but at least we have a video games guy doing it, where they don’t.”

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