'New controller has in-built sensor bar, features 6" touch-screen', report claims

Wii 2: Fresh rumours emerge on ‘Project Cafe’

Nintendo’s successor to the Wii is built with a “custom IBM PowerPC with three cores”, an ATI-built GPU, and at least 512MB in memory, according to new unconfirmed reports.

Nintendo has declined to comment on the validity of widespread hearsay regarding a successor to its home console.

Information on Wii 2 from several independent sources has been fed to various news sites, it is believed.

Now French technology publication 01.net has published more unconfirmed details on the device, including its rumoured internal codename, ‘Project Cafe’.

The article adds that Project Cafe will have “similar architecture” to the Xbox 360 and could support GameCube and Wii games.

A reading of the French article, from a NeoGaf forum post, suggests that Project Cafe will “support all Wii peripherals”

The post added: “CPU is custom IBM PowerPC with three cores, GPU should be an ATI from the R700 family, with a shader unit at version 4.1. Ram should be at least 512 MB.

In more far-reaching speculation, the article goes on to suggest Project Cafe will feature a touch tablet controller, with moderate graphic output, its own 6-inch single touch screen, a front camera.

01.net says the controller itself will have an in-built sensor bar,, along with sundries such as d-pad, bumpers and triggers.

Intensifying speculation

The games news media has been awash with details on the new device, of which games site VG247 has collated.

News outlet Game Informer last night suggested the new Wii console supports HD resolutions, citing multiple sources.

Games blog Kotaku, claiming to have information from separate informants, said the new console appears to be comparable in hardware specs to both Xbox 360 and PS3.

UK-based website CVG, citing industry sources, has claimed the device will feature a new controller.

Entertainment site IGN said the new controller will feature touch-capabilities.

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