Unconfirmed reports claim new system will support Direct X 10

Wii U ‘running custom Radeon R770 GPU’

Nintendo’s next generation home console will run a custom edition of AMD’s Radeon R770 GPU, according to a fresh round of unconfirmed reports.

Details of the Wii U’s tech specs have so far been kept private thanks to various non-disclosure agreements, yet a Japanese website claims to have details on AMD’s contribution to the console.

The graphics chip giant is apparently building a custom Radeon R770 GPU for the console, according to Japanese website Game Impress Watch.

The report, citing AMD insiders, claim the chip is similar to the R770 unit which rolled out in 2009.

The console also supports Direct X 10.1, the report said.

Both specifics, if true, would suggest Wii U has the potential to outshine both PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of graphical fidelity. Numerous other factors, from memory to processing speeds, will play an important role in determining the console’s true potential.

Nintendo has publicly suggested that it will not deviate too much from the Wii U models already out in the wild.

AMD has already confirmed it is building the GPU for Nintenod’s Wii U system.

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