Capcom producer claims the system offers new possibilities for developers

Wii U tech has progressed since E3 – Ono

Nintendo has made a series of improvements to the Wii U system since its first public appearance in June last year, the development director of Street Fighter IV has said.

"What we saw last E3 is not a reflection of everything this console is able to offer. We have been trying the development kits and some of its new characteristics will improve its possibilities,” Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono said in an interview quoted on NeoGaf.

His comments are published after a Develop source suggested that the system’s hardware would be twice as powerful as the Xbox 360. Last year, a separate source claimed the console would be able to support two tablets simultaneously.

Neither suggestion has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo.

Ono said it would be a challenge to demonstrate the breadth of unique gameplay possibilities that Wii U has on offer, though declined to expand on the issue.

Nintendo today confirmed the Wii U is to launch in key territories around the world this year.

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