Nintendo's next-gen console to launch in Europe one week before Japan

Wii U UK release date set for November 30th

Nintendo has reveal that its next games console the Wii U will be released in the UK and Europe on November 30th.

That’s one week before the Japanese release date in December, which was announced earlier this morning.

As with the Japanese launch, there will be two SKUs of Wii U available on day one. The white Basic pack will include a 8GB Wii U console, one GamePad and Stylus and an AC adapter.

The black Premium pack meanwhile will contain a 32GB Wii U, one GamePad, all the accessories featured in the Basic pack, plus extras, such as a charging stand and Premium subscription for discounted download games – same as the Japanese bundle.

However, European consumers that pick up the Premium pack will also get a copy of NintendoLand and a Wii Sensor Bar.

NintendoLand will also be sold separately.

Buyers of the Basic pack will be able to pick up a new accessory pack called the Wii Remote Plus Additional Set, which contains a Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuk and Sensor Bar.

Nintendo Europe chief Satoru Shibata explained that these will not be available in the lower SKU as the platform holder expects most Basic buyers to already own a Wii U. Presumably, this line of thinking is the reason for the lack of NintendoLand and sensor bar in both Japanese SKUs.

Nintendo has not specify RRPs for European markets, but Develop’s sister magazine MCV has reported trade prices for the new console.

The trade price for the Basic pack is £205, the Premium is £246 and the ZombiU version – which includes the Premium Pack and a copy of Ubisoft’s horror shooter ZombiU – has a cost price of £270.

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