Studio blames itself for â??overestimating chancesâ?? of lifting size cap

WiiWare Super Meat Boy ‘axed due to file limitsâ??

The duo behind the indie breakthrough Super Meat Boy cancelled a planned WiiWare version of the game due to Nintendo’s file-size limits.

The developer told Joystiq
“there is no way to avoid the fact that if we released a 40MB version of Super Meat Boy it would be a shit version of the game.”

It is said, though disputed, that Nintendo imposes a 40MB size limit on all games that travel across its digital distribution platform.

Team Meat, which won widespread applause for the XBLA game Super Meat Boy, said it overlooked the issue when it first announced a WiiWare edition of the game back in 2009.

"We knew of the limits early on but overestimated our ability to get Nintendo to raise the file size," the studio’s designer, Edmund McMillen said.

“It’s lame that there is a 40MB cap on WiiWare games … but it was our fault for blindly assuming this cap wasn’t set in stone, and we are sorry for that."

He went on to suggest that plans are in place to release a Wii version of the game on disc, but early discussions with three unnamed publishers appear to have broken down.

“Right now we have talked to three larger publishers who have passed on the title because they believe Wii retail is a bad idea profit wise,” McMillen said.

“Most places we have talked to believe that only Nintendo brand games sell well on their system and don’t even understand why we want to release Wii retail."

Meanwhile, the studio has suggested its next game will be built for handheld devices.

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