Windows 8-based Next Xbox due out early November – report

We know, we know. ANOTHER next Xbox rumour story.

But there’s reason to put weight in this one. It comes from tech blogger Paul Thurrott who earlier this month correctly named May 21st as the date for the new console’s reveal.

So he clearly knows something. Or is a good guesser.

Thurrott reckons the new machine is due out in early November, includes Blu-ray, is not backwards compatible, is based on the ‘Core’ version of Windows 8 and include apps based on Windows functionality.

The machine will launch with two SKUs priced at $499 and $299, the latter of which requires a two-year Xbox Live subscription priced at $10 per month.

He also reiterated that Microsoft has scrapped plans to launch a disc-less digital-based companion SKU. The project is now on hold” and while it theoretically could be launched in 2014 it now appears to have been abandoned.

What is on the cards, however, is a redesigned Xbox 360 that will retail for significantly” less than the current models.

Most importantly Thurrott once again claims that the console WILL require a permanent internet connection. However, the system isn’t as draconian as many seem to believe”. So it’s still A BIT draconian? Kinect will also be mandatory.

Oh, and it will simply be called Xbox”.

He adds that more details about the machine, specifically including its launch software lineup, will be unveiled on the eve” of E3, presumably at Microsoft’s press event.

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