Lead developer Kris Vale details how the Yogscast project broke down

Winterkewl explains where Yogventures’ Kickstarter funds went

Lead developer at Winterkewl Kris Vale has attempted to explain the chain of events that led to last week’s termination of Yogventures.

The Yogscast-themed adventure title was successfully Kickstarted to the tune of $570k in 2012 but was last week abandoned, with the vague promise that backers will be compensated in other ways.

Yogscast co-founder Lewis Brindley even had the audacity to claim that the cancellation “was actually a good thing”.

Now Vale has provided what is described as “one last update” on the game’s Kickstarter page.

“We at Winterkewl Games used every cent towards making the game,” he said. “After all the backers had a chance to fulfill their payments, and all the funds were collected out of the $567,665 that was pledged, roughly $415,000 of that was actually transferred after the Kickstarter fees and Amazon fees had been collected.

“Unfortunately, right off the bat we had one major incident that happened that we could not fix."

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