World of Warcraft hits 100m accounts

World of Warcraft players have registered more than 100m individual accounts over the game’s lifetime, Blizzard has announced.

In an infographic posted on, the publisher covered a variety of milestones for the near-decade old MMO.

The 100m accounts figure covers players in 244 countries, and notably includes trial account creations. More than 500m characters were created on all those WoW accounts as well – with 52 per cent leaning Alliance, 47 per cent Horder, and 1 per cent dedicating equal time to both.

Blizzard also pointed to some daily in-game statistics. Specifically: 2.8m Auction House trades, 600,000 PvP battles, 900,000 PvE instances, and 3.6m pet battles take place each day in the game.

As of September 2013, WoW boasted 7.6m active subs – though revenue had been dropping off rapidly over the previous half year.

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