World of Warcraft subscription prices are increasing

Blizzard has announced an increase to the subscription fees for World of Warcraft.

30 Day subscriptions will increase be 1 to 9.99 with 90 Day plans jumping 3 to 28.17 and 180 Days climbing by 6 to 52.14.

The new prices will come into effect on November 13th to coincide with the release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Those who subscribe before that date will continue paying the older fees for two years, providing they make no changes to their plans.

We regularly look at our pricing around the world and from time to time we make changes in light of local and regional market conditions,” a statement on the WoW forum said. We will reach out to relevant players approximately two months prior to the price change with a reminder.”

The price changes are quite brave at a time when many question the viability of charging a subscription for MMOs as the market grows to include an ever-growing number of free-to-play titles.

UPDATE: Blizzard was very keen for us to specify that the price changes are only planned for the UK market.

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