WP7 update failure rate reaches 10%

Undoubtedly it’s not the start Microsoft would have wanted – the firm has admitted that as many as one in ten updates to Windows Phone 7 handsets have resulted in significant technical problems.

The platform holder has blamed a combination of poor internet connections and insufficient computer space.

However, it has also "briefly suspended updates to Samsung phones" as a "precaution" after it was confirmed that the latest WP7 has experienced "technical issues on a small number" of the Korean manufacturer’s handsets.

"Has the update process gone perfectly? No—but few large-scale software updates ever do, and the engineering team here was prepared," Michael Stroh wrote on the WP7 blog.

"Of course, when it’s your phone that’s having a problem—or you’re the one waiting—it’s still aggravating. That’s why we’re committed to learning from our first update and improving the process. We know we have work to do, and we won’t be satisfied until you are.

"As the teams here continue to monitor the ongoing update, I’ll report back if there are any other noteworthy developments. Meanwhile, let me address a few other questions I’ve been seeing, here and elsewhere."

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