WWE superstar Xavier Woods competes in Street Fighter V exhibition match at CEO

WWE superstar Xavier Woods competed against fellow pro wrestler Kenny Omega in a Street Fighter V exhibition match at CEO.

It was Omega, who currently works for New Japan Pro Wrestling, that took the victory but the two provided a show for those watching.

The match was a first to five affair with Woods taking an early lead before Omega came back to eventually win 5-2. Mid way through the series, while Omega was winning, he offered Woods the chance to quit, which Woods turned down, in a sequence that resembled a pro wrestling promo and not something you would expect to see at a eSports event.

Unfortunately Wood’s challenge of a Dance Dance Revolution rematch never happened, but it was clear that the crowd at CEO loved the competition between the two.

CEO has always had strong links to the wrestling world, with players coming out with full entrances and the finals taking place in a ring. The fighting game event, held in Orlando each year, plays host to tournaments for almost all of the major titles in the genre, with Street Fighter traditionally being the biggest one there.

You can watch the Woods vs Omega show match over on the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel, and the final day of CEO can be viewed across multiple channels on Twitch.

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