Xbox 360 outselling PS3 3-to-1

Discount shopping network reckons that data obtained from the browsing habits of its 9m monthly users suggest that Xbox 360 is on track to outsell Sony’s rival PS3 console by a ratio of 3-to-1 this Christmas in the UK.

Microsoft’s console has gradually increased its slice of purchases made throughout the site in recent months. In August of this year it claimed 53 per cent of the Xbox 360 and PS3’s total sales. By October this had hit 62 per cent and this month it stands at 74 per cent.

A couple of months ago, little separated the two in terms of units being sold through our site, but November has seen a huge surge by Microsoft’s budget friendly console, backed by a stellar PR campaign,” ‘retail expert’ Mark Pearson stated, according to MyVoucherCodes.

If sales stay at their current rate, the Xbox 360 will outsell Sony’s Blu-ray-technology console by 3-to-1, a marked defeat. Both companies want their console to be under the Christmas tree this year, but there can only be one winner.

The PS3 is undoubtedly a fantastic console, but Brits are still extremely mindful of their bank balance due to the recession, and although they want Christmas 2009 to be memorable, are seemingly more than happy to choose the cheaper option.”

The site also claims that Wii sales are down 17 per cent year on year, and whilst they remain ahead of PS3 they currently lag behind Xbox 360.

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