Xbox 360 S price round-up

The Xbox 360 S landed on UK shelves today and the device’s price is already beginning to fluctuate.

Online retailers have the upper hand as lists the cheapest price at 184.85, followed closely by (189.95) and Amazon (189.99).

Other key online retailers are holding closer to Microsoft’s suggested price, with The Hut selling the console for 199.93, and Gameplay and sticking with the RRP of 199.99.

High Street specialists GAME, Gamestation and HMV are also listing the new Xbox as 199.99, as is Sainsbury’s. Argos undercuts these stores with a price point of 189.99.

For 199, Asda is bundling copies of either Alan Wake, International Cricket 2010 and Splinter Cell: Conviction with the console. Alternatively, the 360 S can be picked up on its own for 189, with Tesco offering it for the same price.

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