Next-gen console to feature Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU and 8gb memory, says source of leak

Xbox 720 devkit leak was genuine, claim developers

The leaked Xbox 720 Durango development kit that went on sale for $10,000 was a real piece of hardware from Microsoft, according to a report.

‘Reliable’ sources working on next-gen triple-A projects have told Digital Foundry that the leaked pictures were in fact genuine.

The source of the leak claimed that the current devkits were released to developers in February, and feature Intel CPUs and Nvidia graphics cards.

He also alleged that the kit includes 8gb of memory, although other sources suggested it was 12gb in total.

The report states however that devkits often featured double the amount of RAM to accommodate debugging tools.

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox is also said to offer a 64-bit setup, with DirectX 11 PC engines able to run comfortably on the system.

The man behind the devkit leak also suggested that there will be an eight-core CPU architecture in the final Xbox design, although Digital Foundry says this claim is dubious at best.

It should be noted however that even if any of the above is true, the final console specifications may differ as the development kit is only given to studios as an early indication to the system’s capabilities.

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