Xbox Japan boss quits

Takashi Sensui is resigning as the head of Xbox Japan following Xbox One’s struggle to take off in the region.

Kotaku reports that Famitsu says that the exec, who took charge of Xbox’s Japanese operations in 2006, will remain at Microsoft as manager for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft’s main office at Redmond in the US.

Consumer and Partner Group GM and Retail bosses Yoshinami Takahashi and Nobuyoshi Yokoi will assume control of the Japanese unit, working in conjunction with Sensui. The moves are described as a reorganisation”.

Famitsu this week reported sales of just 1,182 units for the console in Japan. At launch in September Xbox One sold just 23,562 units in its first week – much less than half the 60k shifted by Xbox 360 in its first week and a fraction of the original Xbox’s 120k week one sales.

PS4 in its first week in Japan sold 322k units and Wii U 308k.

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