Xbox Live downtime brings Titanfall to a temporary halt

Titanfall’s US launch was last night disrupted after a short stint of Xbox Live downtime.

Microsoft’s console network experienced what the platform holder described as limited” service for around five hours last night, leaving many gamers unable to take EA’s new multiplayer shooter online.

Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb confirmed on Twitter that the problems were Xbox Live related and not directly to do with Titanfall.

It was reported yesterday that Microsoft’s cloud Azure network is powering Titanfall’s dedicated server experience.

Following the chaotic launches of online-focused titles such as Battlefield 4 and Grand Theft Auto Online, the need for Titanfall to get off to a smooth start is huge for publishers looking to ensure that consumers don’t lose faith in the network features of triple-A titles.

It’s almost taken as a given that any big online launch will bring with it a night or two’s disruption upon launch. It’s not ideal, but most consumers seem to accept it – it’s when problems stretch beyond this that concerns really tend to mount.

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