500GB non-removable HDD, but USB promised for expansion and storage capabilities

Xbox Live gets Smart Match and ‘personalised’ Achievements

Xbox Live is getting improved matchmaking, new Achievements and live recording for games as part of its latest console.

A new system called Smart Match will use “advanced algorithms” to pair players based on skill, language and reputation.

Furthermore, the pre-match lobbies that online console gamers will be familiar with no longer be necessary, because the system will find games as players watch TV, listen to music, or while they are playing another game.

New Achievements on Xbox One will supposedly reach “across games and experiences”; with examples such as team Achievements and community-wide Achievements. Developers will be able to offer Acheivements in new ways as a result.

“Our new achievements portal not only keeps track of what you earned, but how you earned it, so it’s more personal than ever,” said Microsoft. “It even lets you compare your achievements with your friends. Share your legacy and achieve greatness with Xbox One.”

In a similar move to Sony’s PS4, the new Xbox will also have digital video recording (DVR) capabilities for players to capture and share game footage. The One console will constantly record the most recent gameplay, which players can then access, edit and share through Xbox Live and social networks.

Microsoft all revealed that users’ friend lists on Xbox One will be expanding from current – 100 – to 1,000.

These improvements come as news that XBLA will reorganised on One, and self-publishing specifically has been shot down.

To store all this addition content that the new Xbox will of course encourage, Microsoft appear to be suggesting that users got for USB storage options. It confirmed to Engadget that the Xbox One will have a non-removable 500 GB HDD, but its two USB 3.0 ports are their for external storage that canbe used for game installs, downloads and game saves.

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