Xbox One and Xbox 360 shipped 1.1m in quarter ending June 30th

Microsoft has confirmed that it shipped 1.1m combined units of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the three months ending June 30th.

Crucially, what isn’t known are the precise numbers for Xbox One, nor how many of those units were actually sold. In the corresponding quarter last year prior to the launch of Xbox One and at a time when Xbox 360 and PS3 sales were slowing, the company shifted 1m consoles.

We’ve not had anything in the way of firm Xbox One sales numbers for a long time, with the company saying in April that it had shipped 5m units. It later clarified that 1.2m Xbox One consoles were sold in the quarter ending March 31st.

What we do know is that the machine was once again outsold by PS4 in the US last month despite Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect-less price cut, which reportedly doubled sales of the console month-on-month.

Regardless, Xbox Platform revenues for this most recent quarter climbed 14 per cent. Revenue for Microsoft’s computing and gaming hardware division climbed 23 per cent to $1.44bn.

Overall Microsoft revenues increased by 17.7 per cent to $23.4bn.

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