Xbox One Digital TV Tuner arrives in UK

Today sees the long-awaited launch of the Xbox One TV tuner in the UK.

The 24.99 peripheral connects a TV aerial cable to Microsoft’s console and feeds free-to-air HD channels through the device.

By doing so a number of additional functions are offered including standard PVR functionality (pausing and rewinding live TV), TV listings via the OneGuide app (complete with voice control when attached to Kinect), integrated on-demand for shows available from accessible video-on-demand apps and Snap viewing (for playing games or other apps and watching TV on the same screen).

Smartglass OneGuide is also supported, as is streaming live TVs to tablets or phones.

Xbox One already offers TV functions through compatible cable boxes via its HDMI in port.

The Digital TV Tuner is also now available in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

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