Xbox One has sold 18m units, Gfinity says

A press release from eSports firm Gfinity has seemingly let slip some up to date Xbox One sales data.

In discussing its new Xbox One Tournament Builder App, CEO Neville Upton references the agreement’s ability to enable us to reach Xbox One’s 18 million users globally”.

The last official sales data for Xbox One dates all the way back to November 2014, where Microsoft said it had shipped 10m units. In October last year Microsoft said it would no longer report Xbox One sales numbers, and later claimed this was not due to secrecy.

The 18m Xbox One sales number was previously touted back in January.

PS4, meanwhile, hit 36m units sold in January. This effectively means that Sony’s machine is outselling Microsoft’s by a ratio of 2-to-1 – a balance that has been pretty consistent for quite some time now.

As for the Tournament Builder App, it will allow users to create and manage their own league, ladder or cup for any Xbox One game.

Said the company: The launch of the App is part of Gfinity’s stated strategy to invest in the business to build its reputation with game publishers, prospective sponsors and the wider eSports community by developing a range of assets, which provide it with unique capability within the industry and a strong platform from which to monetise.”

UPDATE: Gfinity has contacted MCV to clarify that Upton’s numbers are based on the previously referenced figures from January and not on official Microsoft data.

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