Xbox One TV integration suffering tech problems in UK and Europe

What is being described a fundamental tech incompatibility is causing issues for those connecting their TVs to their Xbox One consoles in the UK and Europe.

HDTVtest reports that a number of British owners have complained about the TV integration feature being broken, due to the introduction of judder with 50Hz content”.

The problem stems from the fact that TV is broadcast at 50Hz in Europe while the Xbox One natively outputs at 60Hz. To compensate for the difference the console uses a process called frame rate conversion (FRC) that effectively duplicates some of the frames to fill in the missing ten frames.

A side-effect of the process, however, is increased image judder. It is particularly noticeable during manning shots or when something is consistently moving on screen, such as a news or sports ticker.

The problem may be a tough one to fix – particularly because Xbox One is designed to display different types of content simultaneously using the Snap feature.

This issue does not affect American users whose TV is already broadcast at 60Hz.

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