Xbox One U-turns all part of Microsoft’s "two-way conversation" with gamers

The changes to Xbox One’s policies and features aren’t a sign of weakness – they show the "strength" of Microsoft’s interaction with consumers.

That’s according to Microsoft Studios chief Phil Spencer, who stressed that the string of Xbox One U-turns have been nothing more than a reaction to gamer feedback.

Since its announcement, Xbox One has ditched its always-on connection and mandatory Kinect use, and embraced self-publishing and indie games. Microsoft has also made it easier to import the next-gen console after delaying its launch in various European countries, and added a headset to the standard console bundle.

Each reversal has been met with negative comments from some corners, but Spencer says the voices Microsoft is listening to most are those of gamers.

"The two-way conversation we have with our customers is a strength," he told Eurogamer.

"Certain people have tried to turn that into something that’s a bad thing about what we’re trying to do, and I just disagree.

"If we don’t have the capability of listening and reacting to what people are saying about our platform, then we’re being too disconnected from customers who make investments in our platform and the games we build."

His comments follow a none-too-subtle dig from Sony earlier in the week.

"While others have shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistent," SCE boss Andrew House said during the platform holder’s Gamescom press conference earlier this week.

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