Xbox One’s Ryse doesn’t run in 1080p

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One launch title Ryse does not natively run in 1080p.

The company’s chief of staff for devices and studios group Aaron Greenberg said earlier this week on Twitter that I know Ryse and Forza will be native 1080p”.

However, in a Twitter correction issued in the early hours of this morning the exec clarified that Forza 5 is native @1080p, Ryse is native @900p, but Xbox One upscales all titles to 1080p & they look amazing”.

By reducing a game’s native resolution and allowing the console to upscale the image, devs can typically increase the performance of a title. In reality it’s unlikely that this slightly sub-full HD resolution will have any noticeable effect on the game’s visuals, which certainly look impressive.

However, this rationale is unlikely to dull the reaction online from a buying public keen to see the next generation of consoles ushering in a fully 1080p future that – don’t forget – was once the promise of the previous generation.

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