Xbox plans to rule Call of Duty sales

Microsoft says it can lead the way in Modern Warfare 2 sales and is backing the release with extra marketing support.

The news follows the announcement of the Modern Warfare 2 super-elite Xbox 360 earlier this month, which comes with a 250GB hard drive, two controllers and a copy of the game.

Microsoft is convinced gamers will get the most enjoyment out of Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox.

We want to offer people the best possible Modern Warfare 2 experience,” said Microsoft’s senior regional director for Entertainment Neil Thompson.

We firmly believe that with Live services, the quality of the gaming experience on 360, and all the new ways we can get consumers engaged with the IP that Xbox is the best platform to experience this great game. I never use the word ‘own’, but it is ours to make the most of, and that’s what we intend to do. We firmly believe that 360 will be the lead sales platform for Modern Warfare 2.

We are working very hard with Activision to look at everything from consumer trials to in-store experiences to make the most of what will be a great launch.”

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