Xbox signs multi-year partnership with all of England’s national football teams

Xbox and the FA will be working together in future, with the two organisations signing a deal that makes Xbox the ‘Official Gaming Partner’ of the English national sides: the men’s team, the women’s team and the esports team as well. Under the banner “When Everyone Plays, We All Win.” While Wembley was lit up in Xbox green for the announcement. 

It looks to be great timing by Xbox. The men’s team comes off the back of an incredibly successful Euros, but more importantly, the men’s teams BLM stance, as well it being a young and diverse group, makes a great partner for Xbox’s outlook. While the women’s team continues to be a touchstone for greater participation by women in sport. All in it provides a platform that fits well with gaming’s broad efforts to drive inclusivity and diversity in the industry. 

From the FA’s point of view, it’s a key partnership to help maintain that connection between younger gamers and the national side. 

“At Xbox we strive to remove barriers and to empower people to experience the joy of play: millions of people around the world find common ground and connect through playing games, as they do with football,” said Marcos Waltenberg, Director of Global Xbox Partnerships.

“In The FA we see a tremendous organization which has the same drive and ambition to empower people as we do at Xbox. Through our partnership we aim to bring further value to the England Football Teams and power the dreams of players and fans everywhere.”

Kathryn Swarbrick, The FA’s Commercial and Marketing Director, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Xbox, a brand that aligns with The FA’s values. Gaming is loved and embraced by fans across the world, and we see this partnership as an opportunity to take that relationship to the next level for all of those connected with English football.

“’When Everyone Plays, We All Win’ is a message that rings true of what we strive to achieve at The FA and we hope that our inspirational national teams can bring great value to Xbox.

“As a not-for-profit organisation, commercial partnerships are vital in allowing us to continue to invest millions into all levels of the game, so we thank Xbox for that support.”

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