Yamauchi would love to make non-GT game

The driving force behind Sony’s powerhouse Gran Turismo franchise has admitted that he would relish the opportunity to work on a different project.

The first Gran Turismo was released on PlayStation in 1997. Kazunori Yamauchi’s Polyphony has since gone on to produce four proper sequels, the latest of which hits UK retail tomorrow. There have also been eight additional releases in the series.

But now racing nut Yamauchi has admitted that he’d love the chance to try out some of his other gaming ideas.

I certainly have ideas for new games all the time,” he told NowGamer. Every day. I really, really would love to try making some other type of game.

Gran Turismo might just have become my life. Making Gran Turismo is a lot of fun, really, though maybe I’ve missed out on a lot of things by working so hard on Gran Turismo.”

There are certainly a lot of great games being made out there, like LittleBigPlanet or Killzone 2. Games that I can just tell from one look ‘Oh, wow, so this is what they’re doing with games these days’. They’re really making some great stuff.”

Of course, Yamauchi had best not get his hopes up – the developer admitted earlier this month that production on Gran Turismo 6 is already underway.

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