Yes, Capcom’s Deep Down is still a thing

Capcom’s mysterious free-to-play action outing Deep Down still appears to be in the works after a trademark extension was filed in the US.

VG247 reports that this is the fifth trademark extension Capcom has filed for the game, with the publisher this time requesting a six-month extension. Could this possibly mean that something more concrete could be on the way by the end of the year?

Deep Down was first unveiled back in early 2013, with Street Fighter creator Yoshinori Ono at the helm. A year and a half later a further video emerged, this time pointing to an Assassin’s Creed style structure where players are based in the present/future and then reaching back to the past for their dungeon-crawling frolics.

In March 2015 Capcom admitted that development was proving a bit of a headache.

We’re still facing a ton of challenges. For starters, there’s the whole process of developing games for the newest next-generation consoles,” Capcom’s senior manager of consumer games development Teruki Miyashita said.

Every solution we came up with seemed to create more problems than it solved, so it has really been one step forward, two steps back the whole way. On top of all that, we had to tune up the servers for the online management aspects. We had a really hard time trying to develop a game that combined all the elements.”

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