Yogscast not ready to account for alleged $150k Winterkewl payment

An alleged payment of $150k from Yogventures developer Winterkewl to Yogscast remains unaccounted for.

Developer Kris Vale said in a Kickstarter update post that his studio prior to the game’s cancellation agreed that $150,000 would be transferred to the Yogscast with the understanding that they would use that money exclusively to create and ship all the physical rewards, AND they would help hire the main programmer that we still didn’t have on the project”.

However, with no physical rewards being made and no programmer hired question marks remain over what Yogscast did with the funds.

We’re not ready to make a detailed statement about what happened with Yogventures,” Yogscast co-founder Lewis Brindley said on Reddit. Winterkewl’s statement omits much and I would disagree with a number of points, but there’s no value in going into detail.

Our only goal right now is to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for the backers that we can. I can honestly say this has been our goal throughout.”

Brindley went on to claim that the ‘facts’ of the situation are that Winterkewl failed to meet their promises with Yogventures”, that the Yogscast are doing their best to rectify this situation” and that any monies the Yogscast have received in connection with this project has been spent on this project”.

Added Brindley: I would just like to say that this project was started when The Yogscast was just me and Simon making videos out of our bedrooms. We met Kris and trusted his qualifications and assertions that we could trust him with our brand and even more importantly, our audience.

Needless to say, I’m upset and embarrassed, but strongly believe the backers will end up getting far more value and a far better result than they originally anticipated when they backed this project.”

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