Yu Suzuki could acquire Shenmue license from Sega

Yu Suzuki has hinted at a possible move to acquire the rights to the Shenmue franchise from Sega.

And of course, the only reason he would make such a move would be to finally get to work on the long demanded Shenmue III.

"Shenmue’slicense is an IP that belongs to Sega,” he said in a video interview spotted by Spong. We can obtain the license from Sega.”

And proving that the game still preys on his mind, Suzuki even shared some of his thoughts on where he’d like to take the potential next instalment in the series.

"This is the person who has trained with Iwao [Hazuki] in the olden days in China,” he added of a picture of a new character. Then, in the story that will take place afterShenmue II, he will become a ‘key’ character."

Suzuki is said to have written 11 chapters in his Shenmue saga, the first of which was the basis for the 2000 Dreamcast release Shenmue. Chapters two to six were then covered in its 2001 sequel.

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