Eric Schiermeyer says his new title is a strategic spin on the endless-runner

Zynga co-founder opens new studio Luminary

Zynga co-founder Eric Schiermeyer has opened a new game studio, Luminary, and has shared details on its first game.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Schiermeyer discussed the formation of Luminary and work on its first title, Greedy Goblins, an ‘endless runner’ with a twist for mobiles.

Schiermeyer founded Luminary in San Francisco along with a handful of other industry fellows. The studio is now has seven staff and is preparing to release Greedy Goblins, a competitive "finite runner" where players can spend in-game currency or real money to buy resources.

"This is my answer to what I was experiencing over there [at Zynga]," Schiermeyer said.

"Our founders have experienced many types of start-ups and established companies. We’ve learned a lot from those experiences, and this company is an answer."

Schiermeyer departed Zynga in 2011 and during his time there he reportedly earned a reputation as an analytics expert, urging for games to be designed leaning towards maximising player acquisition and game monetisation.

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