Quantic Dream has PS4 title in the works

Work has begun on a PS4 title at Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream.

What that does not mean, however, is that the studio’s upcoming Beyond: Two Souls is heading to Sony’s next-gen machine, with company boss Guillaume de Fondaumire confirming to Eurogamer that – for the time being at least – the game is only in development for PS3.

He also confirmed that unlike Heavy Rain, which was updated to support Sony’s Move controls, Beyond will be a joypad-only affair. It will not support 3D displays, either.

Don’t go holding your breath for a PS4 Heavy Rain sequel, however. In fact, Quantic’s PS4 debut is likely to be a departure from the narrative-led path is has trodden to date.

"For us, a new console is another reason to try and innovate,” Fondaumire stated. What is certain is that whatever we’re working on PS4 is not going to resemble what we’re doing on PS3… We’re going to try and reinvent ourselves.

"Innovation is part of our DNA. We’ve never duplicated ourselves. We never clone ourselves or other people’s projects; we always try to create unique experiences.”

Fondaumire also described developing for PS4 as incomparable” to working on Sony’s uniquely built PS3, adding: "We’ll be able to express ourselves in a more straightforward way. So it’s perfect, it’s excellent."

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