Quantum Break allows users to disable copyrighted music for streaming

As Kotaku puts it, what a perfect sign of the times.

Barely a day passes without a YouTuber taking to social media to lament a copyright claiming robbing them of revenues from their videos. The phenomenon has led to an interesting option buried away in the menus for Microsoft’s recently released Quantum break.

The options menu allows players to ‘disable copyrighted music’. As the explanation states, the option is great for when streaming the game”.

The presence of copyrighted music when streaming opens up a steamer to the possibility of a ContentID claim. When such a claim is filed – a process that is largely automated – videos and streams are muted by the video provider.

It hasn’t been a completely smooth launch for Remedy’s new title on PC, however.

For starters, being a Windows Store exclusive the game is plagued by the current restrictions of titles delivered via Microsoft’s UWP standard, which has to date proved largely unpopular. This means that the framerate cannot be locked, v-sync cannot be disabled, there’s no SLI or CrossFire support and there is no support for G-sync. Overlays are also not possible, meaning that framerate counters cannot be used.

Aside from UWP’s issues, there have been reports of generally sluggish performance, high VRAM usage and pop-in. It has also been alleged that some kind of image reconstruction is being used to upscale a lower resolution image (as is used on the Xbox One version) although this has not been confirmed.

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