R-Type sets course for iPhone

Publisher EA Mobile is to bring classic 2D shooter R-Type to the iPhone.

No date or price has been put on the port as of yet, but history suggests that the arrival of official shots on the company’s Facebook page indicates that the games release on the App Store should be very nearly upon us.

EA says the title will be 100 per cent true to the original. It will offer tilt, touch and virtual d-pad control options along with several difficulty tiers.

Though the genre has more or less died on home consoles other than in the enthusiast homeland of Japan, 2D shooters enjoy a strong following on iPhone.

Alongside popular outings such as Icarus-X, Assault Squadron, Space Deadbeef and Space Invaders Infinity Gene, cult developer Cave has received plenty of praise for its technically accomplished port of bullet-hell outing Espgaluda 2 earlier this year.

Story originally published on CasualGaming.biz

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