R18+ rating bill to be introduced to parliament in 2 weeks

After excessive debate, changes and moral panic, an R18+ rating bill is set to be introduced to parliament in 2 weeks time.

Gamespot is reporting the news, but warns that the process is an arduous one and that it may yet take some time before an R18+ rating is introduced.

Prior to the departure of outspoken R18+ advocate and Federal Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O’Connor’s, the intention to bring the bill forward to parliament on 7th February was already confirmed, however his replacement Jason Clare had neither confirmed or denied that it would stay on course after a cabinet reshuffle late last year.

A spokesperson for Jason Clare told Gamespot: "Our plans are to introduce the R18+ bill in the first session of parliament this year. If it passes the Lower House, it will then go to the Senate for the same process."

Still, the wheels are still in motion on this now more than decade-long battle for an equal treatment for gaming as a medium, and the industry continues to support each new move while we still lose access to great games and expose increased numbers of consumers to grey import purchasing.

The latest victim of our lack of R18+ classification was EA’s Syndicate, while 2K Games’ The Darkness II and on Friday SEGA’s Anarchy Reigns both scraped by with a high MA15+ rating.

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