Raptr launches Plays.tv video sharing service

Gamer-focused social network Raptr has launched a short form video sharing client called Plays.tv, securing a new round of funding to back the new service.

Gamasutra reports on the launch of the new platform, which is described as a combination of Twitch.tv and Instagram. Players are encouraged to capture and share their pro’ moments.”

"Twitch is synchronous, long-form and one-to-many—only about 1 percent of Twitch users are streaming their gameplay, and being a successful ‘broadcaster’ on Twitch requires both a time commitment and a skill set that not all gamers have; you have to be entertaining for long periods of time,” Raptr founder and CEO Dennis Fong explained.

Plays.tv, by contrast, is asynchronous, short-form, and anyone can be a creator/contributor. Every gamer’s memorable moments are interesting, especially if they’re distilled down to just the best parts…"

Fong expects Plays.tv to "have a life of its own" beyond Raptr’s social network. The new service has its own client, site, and can process video taken with various capturing software as well. That said, any video captured by the Raptr client will be sent to Plays.tv.

Investors led by AMD have backed the launch of the new client and service by providing a new funding round totaling $14m. Raptr previously released a client that optimizes settings for AMD, Nvidia and Intel graphics and allows for in-game video recording as well.

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