Rare isn’t making a new Conker game, but Conker IS coming to Project Spark

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that whatever it is Rare may be working on, it isn’t a new Conker game.

However, Project Spark developer Team Dakota is working on a Conker Build Pack featuring assets that players can use to create their own Conker content and has also developed its own episodic Conker title within the software.

Yes,” Spencer replied when asked by a fan on Twitter if it was safe to assume that Rare isn’t working on a new Conker title following the Project Spark news. Rare has a different project they want to build so we wanted to give the community the tools/assets.

Rare is building something else, Spark community is creative, I’m looking forward to seeing what they build with the Conker assets.”

Spencer did add, however, that the possibility of course remains that Rare could revisit the brand one day, stating: We didn’t say never, it’s just not being worked on right now by Rare or any other studio.”

The last major Conker release was Conker: Live & Reloaded for the Xbox in 2005.

In a blog post, Rare has said that Project Spark’s Conker add-on pack will launch at the end of April and will include over 300 usable in-game assets.

Any Project Spark user who picks up the pack can crack their knuckles, flex their inventive muscles and unleash custom-designed campaigns starring Conker,” it said.

But if you’re more of a player than a there’s something for you too. Premade, playable Conker content was a popular request from fans following the original announcement, and Team Dakota have stepped up to the plate with a brand new episodic adventure.

Conker’s Big Reunion is set a decade on from the events of Bad Fur Day, and drops players into Conker’s shoes as he sets out to hook up with his old friends only to find that things, as always, refuse to go according to plan. The whole thing is built in Project Spark with Conker’s creator and voice actor Chris Seavor returning to make the furball sound exactly as he should.”

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