Rare teases possible 3DS development

Though it’s now a wholly-owned Microsoft studio, UK developer Rare has hinted that it may yet return to rival platforms for future handheld projects.

Banjo-3DSie confirmed!” the Rare blog reads. Although by confirmed I do mean 100 per cent utterly speculative.

We haven’t done much in the handheld ‘space’ since Donkey Kong Racing DS and Pocket Paradise – could we dip our toes in again at some point? Possibly. 3DS? Not for me to say. Bandai WonderSwan? No.”

Of course, were the studio to return to the handheld space the safer bet would be a title for the Windows 7 Phone platform.

But even that seems unlikely for the time being. New Rare boss Scott Henson told MCV last month that Xbox 360 is very much the priority at the Twycross outfit, claiming that Kinect will be the main focus for Rare going forwards”.

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