Razer allegedly preparing Ouya buyout

PC hardware specialist Razer is reportedly in the process” of acquiring Ouya.

The Kickstarted Android console firm was revealed as being up for sale in April. Now TechCrunch says that it has heard Razer could be the buyer.

Ouya took to Kickstarter in 2012 on the hunt for 41m of crowdfunded cash. In the end it raised just under $8.6m, with backers attracted to a new console frontier free of the controlled platform that have dominated for decades.

The console still stands as the fifth largest Kickstarter campaign of all time.

Ouya went on to secure almost three times that amount again in venture capital funding, but despite the huge backing it has failed to secure any meaningful traction in the market.

Furthermore, software successes have been thin on the ground. As of late 2014 its best-selling title, Towerfall, had sold just 7,000 units on the platform. Furthermore, the company has faced a string of controversy, most notorious of which was its troubled Free the Games fund.

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