Read about Rovio’s million dollar Angry Birds comeback in this week’s MCV

In this edition of MCV, we sit down with Angry Birds company Rovio to find out how it plans to re-establish the mobile blockbuster franchise.

The firm outlines its plans for the upcoming film, its new game Action as well as its marketing tie-ups with the likes of LEGO, H&M and McDonalds.

Meanwhile, top UK indie developers share their thoughts on Let’s Plays – are these videos great for giving games exposure, or are they damaging their commercial potential?

And The Chinese Room’s Dan Pinchbeck talks about the changing face of indie games.

Below are the full content’s of this week’s issue, which can be read here:

  • COVER: ‘Nintendo just switched off Wii U’s life support’ – But UK retailers back Nintendo’s decision to not show NX at E3
  • NEWS: Rovio backs AR to boost High Street retail
  • NEWS: Imagine cuts Play print mag after 21 years
  • NEWS: PlayStation: Uncharted’s fanbase has never been bigger
  • NEWS: The Chinese Room – Indie games development is entering ‘ice age’
  • NEWS: Gaming Tinder app seeks 800,000 investment
  • NEWS: Wiepout creator wants license to create another one
  • NEWS: The UK games merchandise market is lagging behind the US, says licensing guru
  • NEWS: ‘Yes, there’s room for three Rollercoaster games’
  • FEATURE: Can Rovio make Angry Birds a smash hit again?
  • FEATURE: Are Let’s Plays killing indie game sales?
  • INTERVIEW: The Chinese Room’s Dan Pinchbeck on the changing face of indie games
  • INTERVIEW: After years of practically nothing, three rollercoaster sims are headed to PC. Will they all survive?
  • HISTORY LESSON: Co-creator Nick Burcombe takes MCV back to 1995 for the story of Wipeout
  • INDIE INTERVIEW: Perfectly Paranormal’s Ozan Dros explains the thinking behind the studio’s new indie title, Manual Samuel
  • APPOINTMENTS: Lick PR hires journalist Ian Dransfield
  • SHELF LIFE: Louth Electronic’s Andy Forde on Quantum Break’s performance, Nintendo’s future and using social media to promote his business
  • INTERNATIONAL: We look at the Australian games market

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