Read about the NEW UK charts in this week’s issue of MCV

The charts are making a return in MCV this week thanks to a deal signed by UKIE with SuperData and Reflection.

In this week’s issue we include the Chart-Track numbers for November, alongside digital sales information for October courtesy of SuperData.

That’s on top of mobile charts from Reflection. We also speak to the people behind the charts.

Meanwhile, as he departs Sony after ten years of service, MCV talks to PlayStation UK’s indie champion Shahid Ahmad about his time with the company and the boom of the indie market.

And we talk to some of the key members of the Russian game industry to find out more about the market in that part of the world.

Below are the full contents of this week’s issue. It can be read online here.

  • COVER: The charts are back – and this time they’re digital
  • NEWS: Console prices slashed by 80 in Black Friday bloodbath
  • NEWS: Capcom reports high pre-orders for HD Resident Evil updates
  • NEWS: Ginx TV debuts chart show
  • NEWS: 2K opens gaming bar
  • CHARTS: Just how well did the market do in November? Thanks to digital information we have a better idea than before
  • CHARTS: Minecraft dominates the App Store charts
  • INTERVIEW: Reflection boss Gustaf Leksell tells MCV about its aims to offer mobile data to developers for free
  • INTERVIEW: SuperData is now the official supplier of console download data for the UK games market – but how accurate is it?
  • INTERVIEW: UKIE boss Jo Twist on how the trade body’s new data became a reality, and why this matters
  • INTERVIEW: Shahid Ahmad on his ten years fighting for independent developers
  • INDIE INTERVIEW: The Italian job – Storm in a Teacup boss Carlo Bianchi on making the jump from triple-A
  • INSIGHT: Azrights Solicitors on IP law clamping down in pirates
  • REPORT: The real Russian games industry – we find out more about the market from local Ubisoft, Nintendo, Comic Con, SoftClub and Wargaming execs
  • APPOINTMENTS: Capcom Hunts down brand manager
  • SHELF LIFE: Chris Muckell of Dover’s Xpress Games on why he stopped doing midnight launches, and his thoughts on VR
  • MARGIN MAKERS: The best Christmas products on the market

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