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The likes of Official PlayStation Magazine,Venatus Media,IGN and Twitch discuss the state of the games media in this week’s issue.

OPM’s Matthew Pellett shares how the publication managed to see a ten per cent jump in print circulation, while IGN talks about moving to every platform possible in order to share its games coverage.

Meanwhile, Venatus discusses ad-blocking, and we speak to UK streamers about whether YouTube Gaming has had an impact on the streaming sector.

MCV also talks to Take-Two’s CEO,Strauss Zelnick, about the publishing giant’s quiet 2015 and exciting plans for the year to come.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft UK bosses also share their thoughts on the publisher’s busy start to the year withthe releases of The Division and Far Cry Primal.

The full contents of this week’s issue are below. The digital edition can bereadhere.

  • COVER: MCV talks to Twitch, IGN, Yogscast, Official PlayStation Magazine and more in this week’s issue, dedicated to games media. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick and Ubisoft UK bosses also discuss their expectations for the year to come.
  • INTERVIEW: Take-Two’s work in progress – After an unusually quiet 2015, Take-Two heads into this year with returning blockbusters, niche classics, new IP and plans for global domination. MCV discusses all this with CEO Strauss Zelnick.
  • INTERVIEW: After a tough 2015, Ubisoft thinks 2016 will be its biggest year ever – With two massive triple-A releases due in Q1 alone, Ubisoft has started the year all guns blazing. MCV sits down with the publisher’s senior team to talk about The Division and Far Cry Primal.
  • MEDIA SPECIAL: Print is not dead – In 2014, Official PlayStation Magazine became the No.1 best-selling games print brand in the UK. But the publication’s team didn’t stop there, and last year it saw a ten per cent rise in print circulation. MCV speaks to editor Matthew Pellett to see how he did the impossible.
  • NEWS: 1m sales and counting for LEGO Dimensions accessories
  • NEWS: Ramsdale joins Testronic as COO
  • NEWS: Ubisoft is right to give Assassin’s Creed a break, says UK games retail
  • MEDIA SPECIAL: How can YouTube Gaming close the gap on Twitch? Last August, Google threw itself into the live-streaming market with YouTube Gaming. But has this new entrant made a splash in this sector? MCV speaks to the streamers.
  • MEDIA SPECIAL: Ad-Blocking: Game Over? 26.5 per cent of gamers are blocking ads, threatening the main source of revenue for indie publishers. Venatus Media’s co-founder Rob Gay discusses the consequences of ad-blocking.
  • MEDIA SPECIAL: "We stay relevant by not limiting ourselves to one medium" – As digital continues to undergo significant evolution, IGN’s UK editor-in-chief Alex Simmons tells MCV about the importance of being present on various platforms to remain pertinent and broaden its audience
  • MONTHLY CHARTS: January charts make for a largely familiar reading, with Call of Duty: Black Ops III still holding the top spot, followed by FIFA 16 and Star Wars Battlefront.
  • APPOINTMENTS: Henry Clay launches Hype Management
  • OFF THE RECORD: This week PJ & Duncan play Pac-Man, a musician called Shooter is mentioned and Cities Skylines brings a bit of class to the proceedings.

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