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Read the July issue of MCV/DEVELOP online now! Featuring Electronic Arts, Beyond a Steel Sky, the Tonic Games Group and more

The latest issue of MCV/DEVELOP is out now – you can read it for free here.

This month we talk to Chris Bruzzo, EA’s chief marketing officer, about how the company hopes to clean up gaming with its ‘Positive Play Charter’ which makes clear what EA expects from its community when they play its games or use other communication channels.

Also at EA, we talk to Steve Pointon, SVP 3rd Party Content & Development at Electronic Arts, about what the biggest of publishers can offer even the smallest of developers with EA Originals.

Mediatonic has recently launched the Tonic Games Group – a developer/publisher group that, according to Mediatonic, is seeking to create the next big thing. We talk to Mediatonic co-founder and CEO, David Bailey about the group and its potential to provide new and unusual IPs to players, and job security and support to its workers.

One of the UK’s longest-running studios is bringing back a cult classic IP after a huge 25 year gap. With the help of Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons, backing from Apple,  and a fandom that stretches across 90s comic book devotees, iPhone early adopters and Linux freeware devotees. Revolution’s Charles Cecil talks to us about Beyond a Steel Sky.

The strategy franchise Total War has been a dominant force in the genre for 20 years now, with 14 titles to date, including this year’s Troy. We to Creative Assembly’s Richard Aldridge about the series’ evolution and where it goes from here.

Advances in audio technology are becoming increasingly key in gaming. We talk to EPOS, best known from working as part of the Sennheiser brand, about how it’s approaching this highly-competitive sector, which touches on everything from development, to next-gen hardware, to esports and much more

Additionally, we talk to Posy Brewer and Mark Estdale about the challenges the audio sector faces during this global pandemic.

Also, Xalavier Nelson Jr. gives us a look behind the scenes of Hypnospace Outlaw, a Y2K internet simulator that takes him back to the early days of the internet, before the hellmouth of Twitter opened to consume us all.

Plus there’s our recent industry hires and moves, development regulars and our Final Boss, who this month is Bossa Studios’ Roberta Lucca.

The latest digital edition can be read here for free (and is embedded below) and here are the full contents of this month’s issue:

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