Ready at Dawn concedes to pressure and clarifies The Order: 1886 gameplay length

Having said that it would not discuss rumours about the length of The Order: 1886’s campaign, developer Ready at Dawn has moved to address the concerns.

A gameplay video posted online yesterday showed the game being played from beginning to end in five and half hours. Prior to its release Ready at Dawn’s CEO and creative director Ru Weerasuriya said his company wouldn’t be drawn into commenting directly, but it seems that there has since been a change of heart.

In an event in Milan, CTO Andrea Pessino told DualShockers that while it’s technically possible to beat the game in under six hours, some should expect it to last double that.

Specifically, he said that the studio’s internal metrics show that when played at a normal pace and at normal difficulty it can be finished in between eight and ten hours. In hard, and if the player explores the world for every single detail, it could take as much as 12.

To complete it in five and half hours, he added, a player would have to rush and skip lots of content.

The Order: 1886 will be released on PS4 this Friday (February 20th).

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