Real Racing wheeled out once again to demo new iPhone 5 tech

Firemonkey’s racing IP Real Racing has once again been used to champion the gaming credentials of the latest iPhone.

With many commentators seemingly unimpressed with the lack of innovation shown in the iPhone 5, the use of the familiar Real Racing has arguably done little to excite.

That’s not to say the game isn’t impressive, though. Real Racing 3 makes full use of iPhone 5’s increased real estate and well and truly delivers console quality” visuals that Apple so dearly craves.

The list of graphical checkboxes is also impressive, including dynamic reflections and functioning rear view mirror. Time shifted multiplayer is also included.

"Apple technology continues to evolve the mobile games experience, and we believe games like Real Racing 3 best highlight what consumers have to look forward to with these advancements," Firemonkey’s executive producer Rob Murray stated.

Real Racing 3 delivers a mobile gaming experience that rivals many console games."

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