Rebellion acquires Kickstarted Woolfe property from Grin

Rebellion has purchased the IP rights to Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries, the successfully Kickstarted title that ultimately led to the end of its original developer Grin Game Studio.

An update from Rebellion founders Jason and Chris Kingsley on the project’s Kickstarter page explained that the $72,000 budget raised for the game had completely dried up, but that it intends to make good on a list of backer rewards Grin was unable to honour.

"With our connections to merchandise companies, book printers and the like, we realised we’d also be better placed than most companies to step in and provide backers with their rewards," the post states. "We’ve still got to do a full stock-take of exactly what rewards we have, and which rewards we’ll have to produce ourselves, but for now it looks very likely we’ll be able to provide all outstanding physical add-on rewards at no further cost to backers.”

Our aim is to deliver all these rewards to backers by the end of the year."

All that in mind, it’s not clear on what level Rebellion wants to take on the development of the game itself. Woolfe’s first of what was to be a two-part release launched on Steam in March, but there was little progress made on the second at the time Grin shut down.

"As for the game’s second episode and the future of the series, Rebellion has not yet made any decision on how it will use the Woolfe property in any further creative work.”

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