Rebellion: Govt support halted by generation gap

The strength and virtues of the UK game development sector is not being recognised by politicians due to a ‘generation gap’.

This was the explanation given by Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley as numerous game businesses and industry groups across the UK call on Brown’s government to provide better support for the industry.

I’m afraid one of the problems is a generation gap,” he said in an interview with Develop. For some UK politicians, understandably, what they don’t understand scares them and they then voice that.”

Jason added that this kind of generation gap happens to every media format as it expands its presence, though was encouraged by the fact that more MPs are waking up to the fact that the UK games sector is an important, meaningful contributor” to the UK economy.

I actually think things are improving because some of the MPs are younger, or rather, they’ve grown up with games now,” he said.

The full interview with Jason and Chris Kingsley, where the duo discuss more about the UK dev sector – as well as the use of profanity in Rogue Warrior – can be found here.

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