RECRUITMENT SPECIAL: Industry salary survey

Are you getting enough? A quick scan of MCV’s guide to what you should be earning will tell you whether you’re getting paid your dues – or whether you should have a serious chat with the boss. And why not have a peek at the

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UK Managing Director:
Start-up company: 50k+
Mid-range: 60k – 85k
Top 10 publisher: 100k – 250k+

Marketing Director:
Start-up: 50k – 70k
Mid-range: 60k – 80k
Top ten publisher: 75k – 120k

Sales Director:
Start-up: 50k – 70k
Mid-range: 60k – 80k
Top 10 publisher: 75k – 120k

Finance Director: 50k – 120k

Sales Manager: 45k – 70k

Senior Brand Manager: 30k – 55k
Junior Brand Manager: 20k – 38k

In-House PR Manager: 25k – 50k

Games Journalist: 15k – 30k

Retail Buyer: 22k – 45k
(depending on position)

Development Programmer:
Junior: 18-25k
Regular: 20-35k
Senior: 35k-50k
Lead: 40-60k

Junior: 18k -21k
Regular: 20-27k
Senior: 27-35k
Lead: 38-55k

Junior: 18-21k
Regular: 20-28k
Senior: 25-35k
Lead: 38-55k

Junior: 18-27k
Regular: 28-40k
Senior: 35-60k
Executive Producer: 45-80k

The above information is based on insider information from top recruitment industry sources.

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